History is not the past, but it often becomes the past for both historians and the wider public. The historian in this way has a responsibility not only to objectivity but to ensuring that the past remains a constructive partner to the future. To meet these demands, research must balance accuracy, integrity and creativity. My research is clustered around questions of religious and scientific belief. Why do people believe the things they do? What informs the rejection of particular beliefs? The answers that history offers to these questions can help us to better understand the scientific culture in which we live today.

Francis Bacon

The natural philosophical, religious and political thought of Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was the focus my doctoral research at the Warburg Institute.

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Religious Pathologies

Is religion and religious belief the result of medical pathologies? This research project at UQ aims to examine historical claims that religion is pathological.

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Scientific Evidence

Conceptions of natural evidence before the emergence of modern science comprise a second aspect of my current research.

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The roots of atheism, irreligion and unbelief in the Early Modern Period and Enlightenment sit at the nexus of one of my current research interests.

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A list of my research outcomes.