Engagement comes in different forms. Whether academic or public, it is crucial that the community in which research takes place remains open and accessible. Access to knowledge and knowledge production can be cultivated in different ways, from conferences and publications to teaching, public speaking and social media platforms. Academic research and public interest share common ground that I am committed to cultivating in my professional capacity.

Public History

My research on Francis Bacon (1561-1626) will filter down to a public readership with the publication of Francis Bacon: A Very Short Introduction in the Oxford University Press series in 2019.

Social Media

I have served as Communications Director of the International Society of Intellectual History since 2013, in which role I have organised conferences and expanded the society's social media platforms.

Open Access

As a member of the Editorial Board of the Oxford Francis Bacon edition, I have been responsible for the creation of its website and an open access online bibliography of publications on and editions of Bacon's works.

Social Media

I served as Communications Director of Scientiae between 2013-2016, during which time I developed the society's website and social media platforms and organised the 2015 iteration of its conference in Toronto.