I am an intellectual historian currently employed as a UQ Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Queensland, Australia. I am both a Canadian and British citizen who has studied at the University of Toronto, University of Oxford, and the Warburg Institute in London. This international experience has helped me to cultivate excellence in research and teaching.

Quality research and quality teaching are not independent of one another. The best of both derives not from their separation, but rather from an understanding of the many ways in which they can be mutually reinforcing. Bringing research into the classroom enables scholars to view their work in terms of a dialogue, which promotes forward-thinking beyond the academy and inspires students to see how they might contribute to the public good. A passion for research and a passion for teaching are pillars of success in humanities higher education.


My research focusses on the history of science, religion and politics in Early Modern and Enlightenment Britain. This has filtered done to questions of science, faith, and facticity, as well as the place of religion in the emergence of modern society.

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I have cultivated a diverse teaching portfolio at the undergraduate and graduate levels through my experience of designing, revising and teaching in both British and Australian universities.

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Learning is not just for the classroom. Research and teaching in the should speak to the public. Whether through social media or traditional methods of public history, communication is central to academic duty.

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